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Searching the LOR and NIF Databases

When you submit a search request, the search will be limited to the contents of the field or fields specified. The below logical operators are available. The menu item "Search fields" of the Help section explains which fields are "numerical fields" or "date fields". They cannot be applied to full text fields.

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The search is comparable to the direct search in the PDF version of the patent gazette Patentblatt , trade mark journal Markenblatt and designs gazette Geschmacksmusterblatt. Several procedural operators can be used in an expert search query, but not in a nested manner.

Choose a field to search

You may only "bracket" search fields which are available in the procedural information. Where identically named search fields are contained in both, the bibliographic data master data and the procedural data, the system will search only the procedural data, if curly bracketing is applied.

  • Guide to searching of the patent register.
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  • A data record will be found if a procedure corresponds to the criteria enclosed in curly brackets. To search Alarms using the search field.

    If you want to search for an exact phrase having two or more words, you need to put quotation marks around the words in the phrase. Note: Keep in mind that wildcard characters are considered as literals. You can use the search field to search alarms by pulse identification ID.

    Word and/or design Mark Search (free-form) instructions | USPTO

    Pulses provide you with a summary of the threat, a view into the software targeted, and the related IOCs, reported by the OTX community worldwide. To search alarms by using the pulse ID. The result of your search displays with the items identified. This result matches entries containing IOCs in your environment. All Files.