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The Chassis number consists of the following parts:. A VIN Vehicle Identification Number is an internationally accepted standard to identify all kinds of motor vehicles including commercial vehicles and private vehicles such as trucks, cars, buses, and motorcycles. A VIN constitutes a series of numbers and letters where each individual characteristic gives specific information about the vehicle.

A VIN is a unique identification code assigned to each vehicle.

Decoding Your S130 Model Plate

The VIN number can tell the place where the vehicle is manufactured, year of manufacture, and other significant information about the vehicle. You may also need to know the VIN number if you wish to order certain vehicle parts and want to know the exact build and model of your vehicle.

How to Find Your VIN Number

Related Article: Two wheeler Insurance. A Vehicle Identification Number consists of 17 characters. This arrangement of numbers was originated from the ISO Standard in and was later revised in It has the following three important sections:. Fourth character: The fourth character represents the category of the vehicle. Suzuki follows the following codes to mark vehicle category:.

Fifth character: The fifth character in the VIN number shows the engine displacement. Different manufacturers may have different codes to identify engine displacement of the vehicle. Below are the details pertaining to Suzuki:. Sixth character: In the VIN number, the sixth character normally represents the engine type of the vehicle. Why is the VIN important? Home Articles.

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VIN Decoder

Related Articles. Related Questions. Although it is possible nowadays for consumers to download the software from the OEM for a fee, you need an interface cable and knowledge of the programming steps. Once you add up the Don't know the VIN number Hi there. It will be hard to find the vehicle identification VIN unless you readily have access to any documentation for your vehicle, such as the registration card, insurance documents, any police reports, or vehicle history reports.

Chassis Number: How To Check Your Motorcycle’s VIN/Chassis Number?

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VIN Decoder | Decode any VIN Number for Free

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What is a VIN?

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