Decoding 1971 chevelle vin id

Decoding your Corvette's Vehicle Identification Number. Part 3: '97-'04
  1. 1971 Chevelle Fisher Body Number Plate
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  4. Chevelle Option Codes | Canadian Classic Chevelles & Beaumonts

Only the assembly date makes an appearance, making identification of such vehicles that much harder. The confusion rises from the difference in production and marketing methods used between the United States and Canada. The U. GM of Canada continued to use the VIN code regardless of options until a mid-year conversion in Modern restoration efforts have made things even more difficult.

Hope this helps. It is a Oshawa Built car with A51 code.

1971 Chevelle Fisher Body Number Plate

Try and tell most people and they laugh and think you are lying or have wrong info or got ripped off. Waiting for my GM of Canada package to arrive.

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My dad bought some land when i was ten 10 years old. Theres and old car on the land in the woods that i would like to restore. Thanks for the great article! Hope the tool will be helpful for car owners. I have the documentation from Vintage Vehicle Services that my chevelle was built with the — hp — powerglide.

The VIN format in - changed. Other miscellaneous VIN information The following contains information which gives an example of what the various positions in a VIN stand for. Hatchback Coupe, 6-passenger 19 4 Dr. Sedan, 6-passenger 27 2 Dr. Coupe or Notchback Coupe, 4 or 6-passenger 35 4 Dr.

Station Wagon 37 2 Dr.

Decoding and Understanding Vehicle Identification Numbers / VIN's

Sport Coupe, 6-passenger 47 2 Dr. Coupe, 6-passenger 69 4 Dr. Sedan, 6-passenger 80 El Camino 87 2 Dr. In and on, it was simply "N". I say this because fisher body doesn't care if this is a Z But they'll need to know to paint the stripes on one. Same thing with the big block super sport LA didn't code the tag in an obvious way.

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The small block SS isn't coded because there's typically nothing unique about it. Fisher body also punches holes and runs electrical items power windows, power locks in certain spots. In the mid 70's as these options became available, they'd be indicated on the tag as well. In some cases, these punched holes hint at things like TH kickdown holes, or Muncie speedometer cable holes The trim tag is not a legal piece of information.

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It's informative, but not definitive. It's a 6 cylinder Camaro - regardless of what the tag says. The VIN trumps the tag. What you see is what you get and that trumps the tag too. But it's nice to know what the tag is saying. Hopefully what you see is agreeing with the tag itself. You won't get arrested for removing or switching tags but you may wonder WHY the tag was switched, if it was.

9 Digit Vin Decoder

I have no idea why people would do that A note about paint. As we know, Fisher Body paints the car. Generally, the regularly available color code will be indicated, but occasionally, you'll see "--" where a number should be. It doesn't say WHAT paint was used - simply that the car isn't getting a stock offered color. It could represent anything. So think about that before you sell a car that you know is a fake as the real thing.

All Chevelle Super Sports came with one engine. A ci powerplant with a 4-bbl carburetor, they were available with a three-speed manual, four-speed manual or an automatic. Except the L78 hp version which was available only with a four-speed or automatic transmission. Look at the engine ID number located on a pad at the right front side of the block, or check a service manual for ID codes.

These codes will indicate what type and what model the engine is from.

Chevelle Option Codes | Canadian Classic Chevelles & Beaumonts

If the codes indicate that the engine is from a different model,ask: "why? A replacement engine, one that was replaced when the car was under warranty, or ordered from Chevrolet, will have no VIN stamp. With that done, turn your attention towards the body.

All Super Sports used special hoods. Inspect the hood carefully, pulling back insulation pads and rubber trim. Look to see if the hood has been repainted, it is common practice to install an SS hood on a regular Malibu and the hood may have been a different color originally. Hoods usually don't wear out, so be suspicious if you find this.

SS logo was placed on the grille, tail panel and front fenders on the outside.

On the inside the logo was used on the door panels, standard steering wheel, and the instrument panel above the glove box. Most forgers will place the emblems on the outside, but forget the inside. Note that El Caminos do not have door panel emblems. Be especially careful with the coupe, as only were made. With the addition of a ci powerplant in and the a ci powerplant in , and again in