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The hand-sized box would normally burn out within several years, requiring replacement. Several manufacturers experimented with computer-controlled carburetors into the early s, using a crude microchip to meter the rate of fuel mixture and advancement of timing, but these proved unreliable and difficult to repair.

The future of computer-controlled ignition resided in fuel injection, not carburetors, and through the middle of the s almost all car makers pushed for an industry-wide changeover to integrated circuit controlled fuel injection.

Technology in Today’s Vehicles

The now complex carburetor gave way to fuel injection, mainly because of the ability of the computer to precisely measure the fuel into the engine. Carburetors had a number of disadvantages, such as vapor lock and altitude mixture problems -- things that a computer could easily solve with adjustments to the fuel injection system.

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As the microchip evolved, it became smaller and more powerful, and advancements in shielding could protect it from heat and moisture. Early automotive computers could be accessed with a standardized port in the dashboard, called OBD, or On-Board Diagnostics. This system utilized several sensors placed throughout the engine to relay problems to the technician, streamlining repairs.

As the s gave way to the s, on-board computers were deigned with more and responsibilities. Not only required to process the fuel mixture and timing, they now could be relied upon to control most of the electrical processes of the auto, including climate controls, braking systems and odometer. The computer became an integral part of the machine, upgradeable and customizable, giving the backyard mechanic incredible control over the powertrain's abilities.

Using a laptop computer to interface with the OBD port, the programming of the car's microchips became second nature to racers. The engine's performance could be tweaked while the car was in use, and pertinent data could be relayed to the driver in real time. Powerful and malleable, this system eliminated the need to "sniff" tailpipes during emissions testing and allowed the sensors to relate the effectiveness of the emissions control systems.

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In the beginning of the 21st century, we began to rely on computers to do much more than just monitor and control the engine. With navigation systems, advanced climate controls, communications and entertainment devices, the on-board computer has become the most important part of the car's electrical system.

How cars have become rolling computers

Automobiles based on internal combustion engine were first patented by Jean Lenoir of France in The first gasoline powered automobile was developed by Gottlieb Daimler and Karl Benz in Modern automobiles were first developed in s in Germany and France. In , William Morrison introduced electric powered automobiles in the US, which were an improvement over the steam engines.

In , the first automobile for sale was made by Charles and J. It led to the development of gasoline and petrol based automobiles. Henry Ford introduced the Model T Ford in , which was successfully launched. In , Alfred Sloan became the president of General Motors. Under his leadership, the company launched a plethora of new models during this time.

Car Computer History | It Still Runs

These automobiles made transportation faster, more affordable, and more flexible for people. Today, the automobile industry produces more than 70 million vehicles across the world and a rapid rise in price of oil and gasoline has led to the development of various green cars such as hybrid cars, battery operated cars, hydrogen cars, and cars running on alternative fuels. Leland West Insurance. Why Leland-West? Am I Eligible? Contact Us Instant Quote.

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