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Marriage counseling and couples therapy can be extremely helpful in improving a marriage or a relationship. How do you find a good marriage counselor in Washington, DC.? How do you wend your way through the morass of clinicians to find someone who can help you? Surprisingly, this is easier said than done.

Who’s Afraid of Marriage Therapy?

Most marriage counselors and couples therapists have had no specialized training in marriage counseling. Rather, they have focused primarily on working with individuals. While there is some overlap, marriage counselors need a different skill set than individual therapists. Yet, the academic discipline is not the most important consideration in choosing a marriage counselor or couples therapist. Currently, in most states any licensed clinician can provide marriage and couples therapy without any formal training or supervision to do so.

Find Relationship and Marriage Counselors in Washington, DC

Would you please describe it? Virtually all clinical programs have a mandatory course in marriage and family therapy. In these courses, students learn about couples theory and couples therapy.

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However, this is not an adequate preparation to provide couples therapy. Specifically, your marriage counselor or couples therapist should tell you that they entered into an intensive couples and family therapy training program.

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Ask what the program entailed. Ideally, the couples therapist will tell you that the program spanned a year or two and entailed weekly readings, coursework and group supervision.

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And, most importantly, that they received weekly, individual, one-on-one, supervision from an experienced, marriage counselor or couples therapist. If the marriage counselor or couples therapist is self-taught or workshop trained, consider seeking out someone with more formal training. It seems like a no-brainer. You, or your significant other, is in individual therapy with a psychologist who you find helpful.

So, why not consult him for your marriage therapy?

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The problem is your psychologist has an inherent conflict of interest when it comes to providing you with marriage counseling. The task of your individual therapist should be to understand you, to help you to become more self-aware, and to explore your unique motivations and feelings.

This will allow you to clarify your own wishes and goals. Fundamentally, he or she should have YOUR best interests at heart. Because what is optimal for one member of a couple is not always optimal for the other, your marriage counselor or couples therapist should not be treating you, or your significant other, individually.

If your therapist offers to do so, warning bells should go off in your head. When, inevitably, tensions rise in couples therapy, the counselor should work to create an atmosphere in which couples listen to each other. This means, at times, stopping a raging partner so that both partners can listen to each other.

Couples & Marriage Counseling - Imago Center of Washington DC

It means helping spouses to establish boundaries. While this is easier with some couples than with others if a marriage counselor consistently can not take charge of the consulting room this can be problematic for the marriage therapy. If you and your partner are planning to marry or enter a committed relationship, I can help you get off to a strong start. There are no exams, no nudity, and no sexual touching in the therapy room.

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